Thermoadhesive Patches

Custom thermoadhesive patches

We can create high-quality customized thermal-adhesive patches.

The production of patches has no limits in color choiche,
nor materials. We can create them combining different
materials, so to make unique customized patches.

toppe termoadesive per piumini
patch termoadesiva per tessuto

Our heat-fit patches production is not limited to PVC patches or embroidered cloth patches. Both kinds of heat-fit patches can be realized combining different materials.
We can produce different patches by combining, for example, cloth and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, silicon and cloth, polyurethane and silicon.

The wide range of combinations of materials for heat-fit patches is almost infinite..

Our thermoadhesive patches are for professional use only!

Our thermoadhesive patches can be applied using a heat press.


 Examples of thermoadhesive patches


  • 3D silicone thermoadhesive patch with fabric covering;
  • Particularly suitable for applications on caps.


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in fabric + TPU


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in microfibre printed in CMYK + silicone .


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in fabric and silicone.