heatpress for heat application

The heat press is used to print with heat on a cloth. It’s a fundamental machine to apply thermal-adhesive patches, to create customized garments, fashion creation or to produce customized promotional items made in cloth.
There is a wide range of heat presses, and their functions, characteristics and speed can be very different according to the different models, or whether the machine is hand-operated or pneumatic.
Even so, to get into the presso with heat on cloth doesn’t require a big initial investment.
The machine our clients use the most are manual, and usually those are the cheapest.
Usually, just to get started, it could be enough even to acquire a small manual heat press for printing with heat, or even a second-hand machine.


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  • Heat press for t-shirts, or press for t-shirt (sometimes wrongly defined as “machines to print t-shirts”) with a flat superior plate. Commonly, the flat plates heat press is used for garments like shirts, jackets or trousers. The size of the plates indicates which kind of garment can be pressed and the place where the patch can be applied.
  • Heat press for caps or hat-press, with a curved heating plate. The curved plate allows to follow the shape of the hat, and it’s not easy for this machine to work with other kind of garments.



    All of these cloth presses work with heat applying with heat the adhesive part on the back of the patch. It is necessary to regulate the heat and the pressing time; this depends on the material of both the patch and the cloth, following the instructions by the manufacturer. This applying method of customized thermal-adhesive patches, that being thermal-adhesive doesn’t require a sew to be durable and stable, can require some time to let the garment cool off before going on with other operations (e.g., like a smoothing process, where it is necessary).

    The t-shirt heat press surely is the starting point for heat presses, because it will allow you to create, with a single instrument customized t-shirts with thermal-adhesive patches, but even polo shirts and customized shirts, jackets, coats, with maybe some other accessories like customized bags and many other branded corporate gadgets.