Custom Patchs 3d

Completely customized 3d-patches

patch personalizza 3d in silicone
patch personalizzata
patch personalizzate 3d

Our thermal-adhesive 3d patches are highly customizable in terms of different combined materials, colors, effects, accessories, size and shapes.

Every client can obtain his own customized patch by contacting our technical service. Because of the customization process, it is impossible to sell those patches online (Patch store).

Our thermoadhesive patches are for professional use only!

Our thermoadhesive patches can be applied using a heat press.


Customized patches in different materials

Our thermal-adhesive patches are top notch. The color rendering and the pleasantness to the touch really bring out the innovation aspect of the product if compared to common PVC or embroidered patches.

Our heat-fit patches can be applied on any kind of garment: promotional merchandising, fashion apparel, sportswear, workwear, and so on, or t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, caps, coats, bags or backpacks.


  • 3D silicone thermoadhesive patch with fabric covering;
  • Particularly suitable for applications on caps.

All our customized 3d PVC patches require the use of a heatpress that can place the back of the patch on the heating plate. To do so we suggest the use of our Patch Heat Press M15 or our Patch Heat Press Cap (for caps), both with a lower heating plate (the former is plain, the latter curved).


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in fabric and silicone.


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in fabric + TPU.


  • 3D thermoadhesive patch in microfibre printed in CMYK + silicone .

The possibilities of color and material combination is endless.