Custom clothing

Company customized wearing

The use of thermal-adhesive patches for company clothing can be summarized in two different kind of use:

abbigliamento promozionale personalizzato

  • Promotional customized clothing. From simple t-shirts with the company brand, to customized writings on sweaters, to customized shirts, to jackets embroidered with the company logo and infinite more applications;
  • Customized working clothes. The customized working clothes can comprehend a lot of customized garments: uniforms, work overalls, accident-prevention garments, or even jackets, coats, vests, scrubs, just to name a few examples.

Customized sportswear

The customized sportswear is widely used in the sports world.

The customized sportswear creation is now commonly used in lots of sports:

  • customized cycling sportswear;
  • customized running sportswear;
  • customized soccer sportswear;
  • customized motocross sportswear;
  • customized mountain biking sportswear;
  • and many others (tennis, sailing, basketball, hunting, military, etc).

Other use of custom clothing

The production of customized sportswear regards lots of sport clubs, amateur teams, organization that by customizing their garments want to be recognizable and to develop an affection to the association and its values.

The example of many motorbike teams comes to mind, or even the many personalized football jerseys made for young football players, or even the need for NGOs and non-profit organization to provide customized t-shirts with their logo and customized writings for benefit events or other occasions.

abbigliamento sportivo personalizzato