3D Patchs

We can provide PVC customized patches made with different kinds of rubber: silicon, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), and PU (polyurethane). The softness, flexibility and lightness of the different kinds of rubber we use and our particular production process: that’s what makes our products very different from the most common PVC customized patches.


Thermal-adhesive patches

Our flagship product are the thermal-adhesive patches (heat-fit patches). Both our PVC customized patches and our cloth or mixed patches, whether 2d or 3d, are not velcro patches, nor sew-on patches, but thermal-adhesive (heat-fit). Easy and fast to apply, our thermal-adhesive patches just require the use of a heat press.


Woven labels

Our woven labels are customized labels for apparel that can be sewed on or applied with an heat press; labels that can be used for clothes, bags, customized sporting goods, or promotional cloth goods.
We produce customized labels in jacquard weave that are 100% polyester (front) and non-woven cloth (back).


Custom Patch Production

We make customized 3d patches, with woven labels and screen-printing fabric transfer specific for customized clothing, fashion apparel and customized promotional clothing goods.

Our customized patches have an high-quality graphic rendering, with high precision details and a touch sensation that you will hardly find in other providers of fabric transfer.

All our customized patches are thermal-adhesive (heat-fit) and come in different materials:

  • PVC customized patches;
  • Personalized cloth patches with embroidered effect;
  • Thermal-adhesive patches in mixed materials.

Our toll-manufacturing can address to companies, organizations, sport teams and clubs, amateur sport organizations and private parties, anyone who requires the production of customized patches, thermal-adhesive patches with a precise rendering of the logo of brands or teams to enhance its fame.

Custom patches
in any color
and material

Sale Custom thermoadhesive patches

for clothing

Our Company sells customized thermal-adhesive patches both in Italy and abroad, either directly or through a selected network of local agents.

On our website you will find just a selection of samples of the kind of customized thermal-adhesive patches that we are able to produce.